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Hotel Raffaello, an elegant nineteenth-century building on the quiet via Urbana, just a few hundred meters from the Station Terminal, the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, is a perfect combination of smart location - very central and quiet, ideal both for leisure and business travel, and fully-furnished rooms - the high standard of which is given by the recent renovation both of the rooms and the building.

Breakfast room: For a moment to relax or for first breakfast, it is the ideal place for your suggestive atmospheres.

The first breakfast dining room (seats 40) is placed side by side to small kitchen because in a hotel of this type we mean to manage one of the most important moments of the day for our guests.

Reception: The Raffaello Hotel fittingly renewed with a friendly dimension of hospitality, with comfort of advanced level, in a calm and silent arrangement.

Hall: The entrance hall lived in only at moments of attendance by guests is furnished in the most essential manner. Behind the staff front desk stands a great printer press (a hotel memoir before its restructure) representing the School of Atene di Raffaello.

A pleasant zone of stay furnished with comfortable sofas.

Salons: extremely comfortable and cozy, the elegance of the atmosphere and the accuracy of services guarantees our guests a pleasant stay.

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Hotel Raffaello, Via Urbana, 3 - Rome

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